Not a week goes by without us being contacted in relation to 1960s Beatles and Rolling Stones autographs.


We are sent countless emails by people selling these iconic groups autographs all with various stories that associate provenance. 


It is important to remember that the great majority of Beatles & Rolling Stones autographs post 1963 were signed by management / roadies and secretaries. Authentic Beatles autographs are hugely desirable worldwide to collectors and can range in value from 1500 pounds (for a group set on autograph book pages) to 50,000 pounds (for a signed album). Rolling Stones are much less valuable, usually ranging between 500 pounds (for autograph book pages) to 5000 (for a signed album).  It is fair to say that unless the individual was actually present with all group members at the point of signing, they will very rarely be authentic. Many fans during the 1960s left their autograph books at stage doors during the concerts or wrote to the Fan Club and received autographs through the post. It is sad for those people 50 years on to find their treasured autographs are not authentic. It is also commonly known that both Beatles and Rolling Stones group members often signed each-others signatures when all were not present. 


We do not profess to be experts in authenticating Beatles autographs. This is a field of expertise for a few with big reputations who are able to charge very substantially for their opinions and services.


With current values getting Beatles and Rolling Stones autographs properly authenticated is unquestionably worth it as values are only going one way in the years ahead.


We most strongly recommend that any buyer of high end pop music autographs only ever purchases them from well known established dealers or they are asking for trouble.