Elvis Presley

* You are in any doubt of authenticity or if you have an sort of negative gut feeling. 



* An item appears too cheap. Often one of the best indicators to an items authenticity is how much it costs. Do some research and find comparable prices and values from different sources. If the seller or dealer you are considering is selling a piece at below market value ask yourself why? As a rule of thumb if you are being offered Elvis Presley / Marilyn Monroe / The Rolling Stones / Jimi Hendrix / James Dean and The Beatles for under a hundred pounds each there will be a reason why!


* Dealers / Sellers are hard to contact. IE if they have PO Box numbers / No legitimate business address / A reluctance to give out phone numbers or further contact details. 


* Dealer websites that lie or make unsubstantiated claims about their autograph expertise. Avoid those that might say we had “15 years working behind the scenes in the music industry” without proof of this.


* Ebay or Internet auctions unless you really do your research or are an experienced buyer. 


* An item looks too perfect or too good to be true. Beware of photographs that are signed in sharpie pens only on the clear area / that are undedicated and that have no creases.