Alan Bown Set

Alan Bown Set

ALAN BOWN SET. British band of the 1960-1970s whose music evolved from jazz / blues / soul / rhythm & blues and ended up as psychedelia and progressive rock. The group achieved only limited chart or commercial success and are nowadays probably best known for helping to develop the careers of numerous notable musicians including members of Supertramp. Alan Bown died in December 2014

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Alan Bown Set

Reference Number. 11095


A rare original circa 1968 Fan Club promo-postcard, clearly signed in ballpoints by six group members ; John Helliwell (sax) / Jess Roden (vocals) / Jeff Bannister (organ) / Vic Sweeney (drums) / Tony Catchpole (guitar) and Stan Haldane (bass) 

NB ; NOT signed by Alan Bown

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