Alex Harvey

Alex Harvey

ALEX HARVEY d1982. Charismatic Scottish rock n roll singer whose career began during the 1960s. With the Sensational Alex Harvey Band he built a strong reputation for his madcap, energetic live stage performances during the 1970s. The group did not enjoy deserved mainstream success, but scored two Top 10 hits with the classic remake of Delilah in 1975 and The Boston Tea Party in 1976. Alex Harvey died of a heart attack aged just 46 in February 1982 on a Ferry travelling to Belgium.

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Alex Harvey Band

Reference Number. 13021B


A rare original vintage 1973 autograph book page, clearly signed and dedicated (To Beverly) in ink by Alex Harvey / Zal Cleminson (guitar) / Chris Glen (bass) and Hugh McKenna (keyboards) 

Sadly Ted McKenna (drums) is missing


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Alex Harvey Band Programme

Reference Number. AHBP1A


An original 1976 Alex Harvey Band / Pat Travers tour programme

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Alex Harvey Band Ticket

Reference Number. AHBTK2


An original SAHB Town Hall Birmingham concert ticket for Wednesday 29th May 1974

Upper Gallery  Seat I11  Price 75p

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