Alex Higgins & Steve Davis

Alex Higgins & Steve Davis


ALEX HIGGINS d2010. Northern Irish professional snooker player who was very emotionally twice World Champion (1972 and 1982) and twice runner-up. The most naturally gifted player of his generation, be became known as The Peoples Champion due to his popularity and earned the nickname "The Hurricane" because of his speed of play. He is often credited to have brought the game of snooker to a wider audience and contributing to its peak in popularity in the eighties. He had a reputation as an unpredictable and difficult character ; he was a heavy smoker and struggled throughout his life with drinking and gambling addictions. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998 and was found dead in his Belfast home on 24th July 2010 aged 61.

STEVE DAVIS. English professional snooker player and the dominant player of his generation. He won more professional titles in the sport than any other player, including six World Championships during the 1980s ; becoming snookers first millionaire player. 

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