Arthur T Harris

Arthur T Harris

SIR ARTHUR BOMBER HARRIS 1st BARONET GCB OBE AFC autograph d1984. Marshal of the Royal Air Force. He was Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief (AOC-in-C) RAF Bomber Command during the latter half of WW2. In 1942, the British cabinet agreed to the "area-bombing" of German cities. He was tasked with implementing Winston Churchills policy and supported the development of tactics and technology to perform the task more effectively. He assisted British Chief of The Air Staff Marshal of the Royal Air Force Charles Portal in carrying out the UKs most devastating attacks against the German infrastructure and population including the Bombing of Dresden. At the outbreak of WW2 in 1939, he took command of No5 Group RAF in England and in February 1942 was appointed head of Bomber Command. He retained that position for the rest of the war. He died aged 91 in 1984.

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Arthur Harris

Reference Number. 14086A


An original vintage 1967 index card, clearly signed in ink by Arthur T Harris

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