Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter

BRIEF ENCOUNTER. Groundbreaking classic 1945 British film directed by David Lean, screenplay by Noel Coward, which centres around the morals of a brief "real love" affair between a married woman Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) and her lover Dr Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) on a train journey. It was based on Cowards 1936 one-act play "Still Life". The soundtrack prominently features the Piano Concerto No2 by Rachmaninoff played by Eileen Joyce. Trevor Howard died aged 74 on January 7th 1988. Celia Johnson died aged 73 on April 26th 1982. 

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Brief Encounter

Reference Number. 10053


Three original vintage circa 1950s autograph book pages, clearly signed in ink by ; Celia Johnson d1982 (Laura Jesson) / Trevor Howard d1988 (Dr Alec Harvey) and Stanley Holloway d1982 (Albert Godby).

Double mounted for fine display with photographs

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