Call Me Madam

Call Me Madam

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An amazing set of five consecutive vintage 1952 autograph book pages, clearly signed & dedicated with various messages of goodwill by cast-members ; Anton Walbrook (Cosmo Constantine) / Richard Courtney (Butler) / Nick Tanner (Dancer) / Danny Clayton (Dancer) / Donald Burr (Pemberton Maxwell) / Billie Worth (Sally Adams) / Launce Marasche (Senator Gallagher) / Sidney Keith (Congressman Wilkins) / Shani Wallis (Princess Marie) / Jeff Warren (Kenneth Gibson) AND Arthur Lowe (Senator Brockbank)

Arthur Lowe d1982 famously went onto play Captain Mainwaring in the legendary BBC TV comedy "Dads Army" 

INCLUDES the original theatre programme as shown


From the autograph book of P Felgate containing many notables of the 1930-50s who worked in the theatre industry during these decades. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA 


15x13cm Pages


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About Call Me Madam

Call Me Madam

CALL ME MADAM. Musical of the 1950s with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin. The musical is a satire on politics and foreign policy that spoofs postwar America's penchant for lending billions of dollars to needy countries


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