CHRISTIE. English pop group best known for their 1970 UK No1 hit single "Yellow River"

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Christie Autographs

Reference Number. 14401F


An original vintage 1971 autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoints by three group members ; Jeff Christie (vocals) / Vic Elmes (guitar) and Paul Fenton (drums)

REVERSE of the page signed by the SWINGING BLUE JEANS 1970s lineup ; (Ray Ennis / Les Braid / Mike Gregory / Kenny Goodlass and Tommy Murray WITH original concert ticket (see image)

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Reference Number. 13021


A rare original 1970 Yellow River 7in vinyl, clearly signed in ink on the record label by Jeff Christie (vocals / bass) / Vic Elmes (guitar) and Michael Blakley

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Christie Sheet Music

Reference Number. CSM2C


An original 1969 music sheet for "Yellow River"

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