Climax Blues Band

Climax Blues Band

CLIMAX BLUES BAND. British group first formed in Stafford in 1968 best known for their 1976 UK Top 10 hit single "Couldn't Get It Right" which also reached No3 in the USA in 1977. Their concerts in the US during this period were attended by crowds of 20000. Over the years they have released more than 17 albums, including at their peak (during the mid 1970s) ; FM Live / Stamp Album and Gold Plated. 

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Climax Blues Band

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A rare original 1975 Climax Blues Band Stamp Album sticker, clearly signed in ballpoints by the four main group members of the best known (1973-1983) lineup ; Colin Cooper d2008 / Derek Holt / John Cuffley and guitarist Pete Haycock d2013

Double mounted for fine display with original sheet music for Couldn't Get it Right



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