Concert Tickets 1960s A to M

Concert Tickets 1960s A to M

This section shows our selection of Concert Tickets & Flyers for the above category. They were too numerous to list individually with images, so we have grouped them here in alphabetical order, instead of displaying them on the main website. Prices are as shown and are already discounted. If you are interested in purchasing any item from this section, you will have to contact me by email to discuss and sort out a payment method. Paypal mutually most convenient

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Concert Tickets 1960s A To M

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A/B) KENNY BALL (Newcastle 1963) (E) £5 >> ALL STARS 1963 (Nottingham) (Pair) £22 >>

C/D) LONNIE DONEGAN (Blackpool 1961 Written On) £9 >> CLANCY BROS (Newcastle 1965) (E) £5 >>

E) EVERLY BROTHERS 1965 £18 >>

F) ADAM FAITH (Derby 1961) £15 >> FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS (1960s Halifax) (Pair) £35 >> BILLY FURY (You Lucky Stars Halifax) Pair £25 >>

G) GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS (Christmas Cracker Jan 6th 1965) £25 >>

H) HERMANS HERMITS (Newcastle 1966) £12 >>


K) BILLY J KRAMER (Nottingham 1963) (Pair) £28 >> BILLY J KRAMER (Halifax 1960s) £14 >>

L) JOHN LEYTON (Blackpool 1961) £15 >> JOHN LEYTON / Mike Sarne (Edmonton 1960s) £15 >> 

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