Constance Bennett

Constance Bennett

CONSTANCE BENNETT d1965. American film actress. She abandoned a burgeoning career in silents for marriage to Philip Plant in 1925. She resumed her film career after divorce, with the advent of talking pictures (1929) and with her delicate blonde features and glamorous fashion style, she quickly became a popular star. In 1931, a short-lived contract with MGM earned her $300,000 for two movies which included "The Easiest Way" making her one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood. The next year she moved to RKO, where she acted in What Price Hollywood (1932). She next showed her versatility in the likes of ; Our Betters (1933) / Bed Of Roses (1933) / The Affairs Of Cellini (1934) / After Office Hours (1935) with Clark Gable / Topper (1937) / Merrily We Live (1938) and Two Faced Women (1941) with Greta Garbo.  By the 1940s, Bennett was working less frequently in film but was in demand in both radio and theatre ; however shrewd investments had by now made her a wealthy woman, she had also founded a cosmetics and clothing company. She died of a celebral hemorrhage aged 60 in 1965.

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Constance Bennett

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