Coronation Street Autograph Book

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Coronation Street Autograph Book

CORONATION STREET. British soap opera created by Granada TV and shown on ITV since 1960. As of April 2015 there have been 8628 episodes. The programme centres on Coronation Street in Weatherfield, a fictional town based on Salford with its terraced houses / café / corner shop / newsagents / textile factory and The Rovers Return Pub. Within six months of the show's first broadcast, it had become the most-watched programme on British television and is now a significant part of British culture


Coronation Street (1961) Autograph Book

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A desirable original circa 1961-1963 autograph book containing (19 ) signatures of many of the very early cast of Coronation Street

All signatures are clearly written in ink and ballpoints, all are undedicated, several are on back to back pages. Many of the signers have attractively added their character names

Signers as follows ; Violet Carson d1983 (Ena Sharples) / Philip Lowrie (Denis Tanner) / Jack Howarth d1984 (Albert Tatlock) / Ernst Walder (Ivan Cheveski) / Barbara Ferris (Nona) / Arthur Lowe d1982 (Leonard Swindley) / Doris Speed d1983 (Annie Walker) / Margot Bryant d1989 (Minnie Caldwell) / Doreen Keogh (Concepta Hewitt) / Ivan Beavis d1997 (Harry Hewitt) / Pat Phoenix d1986 (Elsie Tanner) / Kenneth Farrington (Billy Walker) / Anne Reid (Valerie Tatlock) / Bryan Mosley d1999 (Alf Roberts) / Frank Pemberton d1975 (Frank Barlow) / Anne Cunningham (Linda Cheveski) / Norah Hammond (Nancy Leather / William Roache (Ken Barlow) / Arthur Leslie d1970 (Jack Walker)

Desirable autographs include Arthur Leslie and Frank Pemberton. The real gem in this book though is the very rare signature of Arthur Lowe with him adding his character name



The autographs were all obtained in person at Granada TV Studios circa 1961-1963 by Alan Clarke of Middleton Manchester. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.


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