Cozy Powell

Cozy Powell

COZY POWELL d1998. English rock-drummer widely respected as one of the greats. A member of many groups including ; The Jeff Beck Band / Rainbow / Whitesnake, who also played on 66 studio albums. He had a huge solo hit in January 1974 with "Dance with The Devil" which inspired a whole generation of youngsters to take up playing the drums. He was killed in a freak car accident aged just 50 on April 5th 1998 on the M4 motorway near Bristol. Hammer were a British touring group (active May 1974 to April 1975) put together by Cozy Powell to promote his single records success after Bedlam. He and Don Airey left to join Rainbow in 1975.

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Cozy Powell Hammer

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A rare original vintage 1974 Grand Xmas Ball (Middleton St George College of Education Co Durham) Social Committee cardstock ticket (No 440), clearly signed on the reverse in ballpoints by all five group members ; Cozy Powell (drums) / Clive Chamen (bass) / Don Airey (keyboards) / Frank Aiello (vocals) and Bernie Marsden (guitar)

Bernie Marsden has signed as Fred Bloggs for a joke. We will include an additional 1982 Bernie Marsden autograph book page (as shown) to make up the set



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