Dutch Swing College Band

Dutch Swing College Band

THE DUTCH SWING COLLEGE BAND. Dutch traditional dixieland band first founded on May 5th 1945 by bandleader and clarinettist Peter Schilperoot. Highly successful in their native home of The Netherlands, the band have an international following.

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Dutch Swing College Band

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An original 1958 autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoints by The Dutch Swing College Band of the period ; Wybe Buma (trumpet) / Wim Kolstee (trombone) / Jan Morks (clarinet) / Joop Schrier (piano) / Arie Ligthart (banjo) / Martien Beenen (drums) / Bob Van Oven (bass) and Portugeuse blues singer Neva Raphaello d1975.

Suitable for mounting and display.

Sold with part of the original advertising flyer and promo-postcard.

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