Esmond Knight

Esmond Knight

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A 1966 autograph book page clearly signed and dedicated in ink by Esmond Knight (To Jean all good wishes).

Double mounted for fine display with photograph.


CERTIFICATION ; From the outstanding & huge autograph collection of Jean Williams of Chelsea, all obtained in and around the London Theatres / London Hotels (The Dorchester / The Savoy) /  the BBC Riverside Studios and ITV TV Studios from the late 1950s into the mid 1970s. Including (amongst others) such notables as ; John Lennon / Marlon Brando / Steve McQueen / Sharon Tate / Lee Van Cleef / Ringo Starr and Natalie Wood. Most of the signatures in the collection are dedicated to her by the celebrity and then annotated and dated in her hand.  This Esmond Knight autograph is dated 30th September 1966. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.  


10x8in >> Acid Free Mount >> Unframed


About Esmond Knight

Esmond Knight

ESMOND KNIGHT autograph d1987. English actor whose career spanned over half a century. For much of his career he was virtually blind, having been badly injured in 1941, whilst on active service on board HMS Prince of Wales when she fought the German battleship The Bismarck at The Battle of Denmark Strait. He amazingly went onto play the captain of the HMS Prince of Wales in the 1960 film Sink The Bismarck. He also starred as Professor Ernest Reinhart in the 1961 British science fiction television series, "A for Andromeda". He died of a heart attack aged 80 in 1987.


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