Four Brothers

Four Brothers

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A rare (circa 1995) autograph book page, clearly signed in ink by four group members. We believe ; Marshall Munhumumwe d2001 / Never Mutare d2002 / Frank Sibanda d2010 and Aleck Chipaika.

((If anybody knows for sure, please contact me and confirm these names, this would be appreciated)).

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One of a huge collection of over 1000 autographs in around a dozen large books all obtained in person (between 1990-1999 mostly in the Manchester area) by husband and wife Tony & Kath (many autographs are personally dedicated / dated to them with messages of thanks from the artists). The majority of signatures are of the major pop-groups of the period (including many Brit-Pop) signed at the various Manchester music venues (The Apollo / Nymex Arena / The Academy / G-Mex Centre and The University Union) and also at festivals (the T-Festival Strathclyde 1995-97). From the notes / dedications within the books and the difficult accessibility into such premium venues & concerts, we believe the couple must have worked in positions that gave / allowed them back-stage access during the period. IAA. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.


20x15cm Sized Page


About Four Brothers

Four Brothers

THE FOUR BROTHERS. Perhaps the most internationally successful and recognised group to come from Zimbabwe, championed in the UK during the 1990s by DJ Jon Peel.


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