Gloria Nord

Gloria Nord

GLORIA NORD d2009. American roller-skater, ice skater and pin-up girl who became known as "the Sonja Henie of the roller rinks" She was reportedly adored by millions in the 1940-1950s for her balletic finesse and theatrical flamboyance. In the 1950s, she turned to ice skating and was featured in productions at Wembley Arena in London. In 1953, she gave a Royal Command Performance in front of Queen Elizabeth II and later toured Europe & Australia with her skating reviews and then went onto continue performing until the early 1960s. She died in Mission Viejo in December 2009 at the age of 87.

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Gloria Nord

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An original vintage circa 1940s autograph book page, clearly signed in pencil by Gloria Nord.

Suitable for mounting and display.

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