Golden Shot

Golden Shot

THE GOLDEN SHOT. British TV game show produced by ATV for ITV between 1st July 1967 and 13th April 1975. It was based on the German TV show Der goldene Schuß and had a famous catchphrase "Berni the Bolt". It is most commonly associated with host Bob Monkhouse though three other presenters also hosted the show during its lifetime. Hostess Anne Aston (who appeared to struggle with mental arithmetic) was on hand to read out the scores achieved by the contestants and each month a "Maid of the Month" (usually a glamour model of the era) would demonstrate the prizes and announce the contestants. When Bob Monkhouse returned to present the show in 1974, he was joined by a co-hostess Wei Wei Wong who had been a recent "Bond Girl" and an ex-member of The Young Generation. This was one of the earliest regular appearances by an Oriental woman on British TV.

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Golden Shot

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An original set of autographs, clearly signed in ink on individual autograph book pages of six main cast members from the series ; Jackie Rae d2006 (original presenter 1967) / Bob Monkhouse d2003 (presenter 1967-72 & 1974-75) / Norman Vaughan d2002 (presenter 1972-73) / Charlie Williams d2006 (presenter 1973-74) / Anne Aston (hostess) and Wei Wei Wong d1999 (co-hostess).

Double mounted for fine display with photograph.

Wei Wei Wong is a rare autograph. She died aged just 51 of cancer in 1999.

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