Horse Racing Jockeys

Horse Racing Jockeys

HORSE RACING JOCKEYS ; Flat Racing is a form of horse racing which is run on a level rececourse. It is run over a predetermined distance from 2 furlongs (402 m) up to 3 miles (4,828 m) and is either test of speed, stamina or both, whilst the skills of the jockey is determined by his ability to restrain the horse or impel it. Flat racing does not require horses to jump over any obstacles such as is required for hurdling or steeplechase. While in many countries flat racing is the most common form of horse racing, in Britain and Ireland it is used to describe the racing season that comes after the Jumps racing which is traditionally held over the winter period. The British Classics are five long-standing Group 1 horse races run during the traditional flat racing season. They are restricted to three-year-old horses and traditionally represent the pinnacle of achievement for racehorses against their own age group. As such, victory in any classic marks a horse as amongst the very best of a generation. Victory in two or even three of the series (a rare feat known as the English Triple Crown) marks a horse as truly exceptional. The five classics are ; 2000 Guineas Stakes (Newmarket April-May) / 1000 Guineas Stakes (Newmarket April-May) / Epsom Oaks (Epsom June) / Epsom Derby (Epsom June) and St Leger Stakes (Doncaster September)

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Two original consecutive vintage 1936 visitors book pages, clearly signed in ink by 40 jockeys of the period ; Billy Bullock d1963 / Joe Marshall d1973 / Douglas Smith d1989 / Peter Maher d1984 / Billy Nevett d1992 / Jack Sirett d1987 / DG ? / G Bezant ? / Michael Beary d1956 / Joseph Caldwell d1958 / Stanley Middleton d1973 / Peter Maher d1984 / Richard Snowy Fawdon d2002 / A Taylor ? / Jackie Crouch d1939? / Freddie Fox d1945 / Henri Jelliss d1971 / Archie Burns d1970 / Eph Smith d1972 / Pat Beasley d1982 / Frederick Hunter d1966 / Thomas Hawcroft d1954 / Bill Rickaby d1987 / Joseph Taylor d1954 / Willie Stephenson d1988 / Charlie Smirke d1993 / George Nicholl d1938 / G Christie / Clifford Richards d1980 / Steve Donoghue d1945 / Arthur Wragg d1953 / RA Jones d1969 / Charles Manning / Richard Perryman d1976 / Tommy Burn d1968 / Joseph Dines d1968 / Fred Herbert d1955 / Sam Wragg d1983 / Tommy Weston d1981 and Gordon Richards d1986.

The list includes five champion jockeys who have won this title 43 times between them ; Sir Gordon Richards d1986 (26 times-1925/27/28/29/31-40/42-53) / Steve Donogue d1945 (10 times-1914-1923) / Tommy Weston d1981 (1926) / Freddie Fox d1945 (1930) and Doug Smith d1989 (5 times-1954/55/56/58/59).

The list also includes nine Derby Winners (winning 21 times between them) ; Billy Bullock (Signorinetta 1908) // Steve Donoghue (Pommern 1915 / Gay Crusader 1917 / Humorist 1921 / Captain Cuttle 1922 / Papyrus 1923 / Manna 1925) // Tommy Weston (Sansovino 1924 & Hyperion 1933) // Freddie Fox (Cameronian 1931 & Bahran 1935) // Charlie Smirke (Windsor Lad 1934 / Mahmoud 1935 / Tulyar 1952 / Hard Ridden 1958) // Michael Beary (Mid Day Sun 1937) // Billy Nevett (Owen Tudor 1941 / Ocean Swell 1944 / Dante 1945) // Sam Wragg (Pont L'Eveque 1940) and Sir Gordon Richards (Pinza 1953).

The list also includes many other jockeys who won a classic including ; Eph Smith (1939 2000 Guineas on Blue Peter) // Pat Beasley (1936 St Leger on Boswell) // Henri Jellis (1927 St Leger on Bookland) // Bill Rickaby (1961 1000 Guineas on Solera) and others ... 

The list also includes the most successful flat-racing brothers of all time with a record 5425 wins between them ; Eph Smith d1972 (2313) and Doug Smith d1989 (3112).

An exceptional item of vintage 1930s Flat-Racing memorabilia with the autographs of many notable jockeys of the period all-together that would grace any horse-racing collection

ALSO INCLUDED ; The autograph of writer and author Captain FC Hitchcock d1962 (dated 26th May 1936) on a page cut from his book "Saddle Up". He later became Colonel Francis Clere Hitchcock MC

Double mounted for fine display with photographs.

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