Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph

Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph

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JACK BUCHANAN autograph d1957. Scottish theatre and film actor, singer, producer, director and businessman. He was known for three decades as the embodiment of the debonair man-about-town in and was described by The Times as "the last of the knuts." He is best known in America for his role in the classic Hollywood musical The Band Wagon (1953). 

ELSIE RANDOLPH autograph d1982. English actress, singer and dancer best known for appearing in two British Alfred Hitchcock films forty years apart.  

A rare vintage 1930s autograph book page, clearly signed in ink by both Jack Buchanan (adding all good wishes yours sincerely) and Elsie Randolph (adding sincerely and a face doodle).

Double mounted for fine display with photograph.


CERTIFICATION ; From the vintage 1930s autograph book of Bill Oxman of Blackpool, containing many notables of the period. He was a specialist map printer by trade whose work took him all over the UK during this period, allowing him access to celebrities and build his fine collection. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.


18x12in >> Acid Free Mount >> Unframed


About Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph

Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph

JACK BUCHANAN and ELSIE RANDOLPH autographs. Stage and film-musical pairing of the 1930s..


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