John Profumo

John Profumo

JOHN PROFUMO OBE CBE d2006. British politician informally known as Brigadier Jack. He held an increasingly responsible series of political posts in the 1950s, but today is best known for his part in "The Profumo Affair" ; a 1963 sex scandal that involved a Russian spy and prostitute Christine Keeler that potentially was a breach to National Security  The scandal led to his resignation, later withdrawal from politics and may have helped to actually topple Harold Macmillan's Conservative Government of the period. After his resignation, Profumo began to work as a volunteer cleaning toilets at Toynbee Hall, a charity based in the East End of London and continued to work there for the rest of his life. Eventually he volunteered as the charity's chief fundraiser and these activities helped to restore his fallen political reputation. He was awarded a CBE in 1975 and in 1995 attended Margaret Thatchers 70th birthday party. He was married to British actress Valerie Hobson between 1954-1998 and was a member of Boodles Club in St James's London from 1969 until his death aged 91 in 2006.

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John Profumo & Valerie Hobson

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An original circa 1980s clipped scrapbook page, clearly signed in ink by both husband & actress wife John Profumo d2006 and Valerie Hobson d1998.

Double mounted for fine display with photograph

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