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John Ryan

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A rare original vintage 1950 autograph book page, clearly signed with cartoon drawing by John Ryan

Desirable as this is an original from the 1950s when featured in The Eagle magazine


Harris Tweed Special Agent was a comic strip series in The Eagle magazine (1950-52). The strip was drawn by John Ryan and centered on a monocled, rotund, bumbling secret agent, Harris Tweed, who along with his far more capable boy sidekick (simply known as "Boy") managed to get into all manner of scrapes but always making good in the end. From the late 1950s autograph book of child actor Meurig W Jones containing many notables of the period. Including the cast of The Power and The Glory (which he appeared in) at The Phoenix Theatre 1956 and the cast of Seven Waves Away (1957). Many of the autographs are dedicated to him with annotations. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


17x11cm Sized Autograph Book Page


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About John Ryan

John Ryan

JOHN RYAN d2009. British animator and cartoonist best known for his character Captain Pugwash. Whilst teaching art at Harrow, he first created Captain Pugwash as a comic strip for The Eagle in 1950. The strip was dropped after three months as it was felt to be too young for the target audience. Unperturbed, Ryan created  Harris Tweed Special AgentHowever, when The Radio Times commissioned him to provide a strip, he resurrected Captain Pugwash and in 1957 he was commissioned by the BBC to produce a series of animation shorts featuring the character, originally running from 1957 to 1958. The animation of these films was done in real time (rather than by the stop-frame method) using an ingenious system of cut-out characters and boats, moved by hidden cardboard levers. Further episodes were commissioned for almost twenty years later until 1974. In all 126 episodes were made with the last airing in 1975. He died aged 88 in Sussex on July 22nd 2009


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