Kevin Coyne

Kevin Coyne

KEVIN COYNE d2004. English musician, singer, composer, film-maker and a writer of lyrics, stories and poems. He signed to DJ John Peel's Dandelion record label in 1969. Coyne is notable for his unorthodox style of blues-influenced guitar composition, the intense quality of his vocal delivery and his bold treatment of injustice to the mentally ill in his lyrics. Many influential musicians have described themselves as Coyne fans including Sting and John Lydon and prior to the formation of the Police his band included guitarist Andy Summers. Once described as "a national treasure who keeps getting better" and as one of the great British blues voices. He died aged 60 in Germany in 2004 

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Kevin Coyne John Peel & Jess Roden Band

Reference Number. 12746D


An original circa 1970s autograph book page, clearly signed in ink by Kevin Coyne d2004 / John Peel (adding "The World's Most Boring Man") / Gordon Smith (guitar) / Tony Cousin (bass) / Tim Penn (keyboards) and two unknowns 

ON REVERSE of page THE JESS RODEN BAND (Jess Roden / Ronnie Taylor / Pete Hunt / Steve Webb / Chris Gower and Bruce Boris Roberts)

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