Reference Number. 3937


1) Ron Kray ; A two sided letter on lined paper to Brad Lane Kray "I am trying hard to pack in smoking , it would make me happy if I could give smoking up. I will let you know how I get on. God Bless Love Uncle Ron." Was sent 25.10.1992

2) Reg Kray ; Single sided letter to his adopted son Brad. "Will you please send me a copy of thoughts God Bless Love Dad" . Of added interest he has drawn a cartoon picture. Includes original handwritten envelope dated 18th June 1990.

3) Charlie Kray ; Two page letter from HM Prison Belmarsh to a friend thanking him and asking after his family. Dated Feb 1994.

Double mounted with photographs to a high specification.

A rare opportunity to purchase all three autographs together all signed on interesting letters.