Reference Number. 4939


1) Ron Kray ; An original personally addressed envelope sent to Doncaster South Yorkshire all in ballpoint by Ron Kray , stamped and post-marked Wokingham 13th March 1991. With affixed cut piece from a letter signed R. Kray OHMW God Bless.

2) Reg Kray ; Two sided letter all in clear ballpoint dated 9th July 1985 to Paul thanking him for his letters etc etc including "Steve has thought of a good idea you will like , it will bring in money. Say hello to Sally and Paul Junior for us. Hope to see you soon. God Bless your friend Reg".

3) Charlie Kray ; Two page letter in black ballpoint on lined paper dated 24th September 199? while in Parkhurst prison including ; "Im now in Parkhurst , not very nice having to get the ferry over its a long way , mind you Diane has been over and a couple of friends who are in showbusiness , they saids it wasnt to bad. Im feeling much better now after my illness , that was a surprise ......" Clearly signed at the conclusion "Take Care God Bless Charlie" 

A rare opportunity to purchase all three autographs together , all signed on interesting letters.