Laurel & Hardy

Laurel & Hardy

LAUREL & HARDY. Iconic ever popular comedy duo consisting of British born Stan Laurel and American born Oliver Hardy. They began making movie shorts together in 1926 and became Hal Roach Studios most famous and lucrative stars with their best known films ; "Sons of The Desert" (1933) / "Way Out West" (1937) and "Blockheads" (1938). They mainly concentrated on their stage show work between 1945-1950 and retired from the screen in 1951. In all they made 40 shorts / 32 silents and 22 feature films. Both very heavy smokers, the duo battled with poor health and weight issues in their latter years. Oliver Hardy died of celebral thrombosis on August 7th 1957 aged 65. Stan Laurel died four days after suffering a heart attack aged 74 on 23rd February 1965. Over 70 years later they remain household names and as popular as ever to generations of new fans ...

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Laurel & Hardy

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A good original 1952 vintage autograph book page, clearly signed in ink by both Stan Laurel (Hello Valerie !) and Oliver Hardy

Double mounted for fine display with photograph

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