Mady Christians

Mady Christians

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A rare original typed letter (dated 20th April 1948), clearly signed in ink at the conclusion by Mady Christians.


The letter importantly mentions her 1948 film "All My Sons". One of a wonderful collection of over 50 celebrity letters all obtained during the late 1940s to early 1950s by a Mr Douglas Squires. He was involved in editing a School / University Film & Theatre Entertainment magazine during this period and wrote to celebrities looking for a contribution of autographs and signed photographs for the magazine. Many of the letters are gracious and detailed replies with many references to helping his project and mentions of their careers at that point in time. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.


20x16cms Sized Letter


Good. View Image. Two minor central folds.


About Mady Christians

Mady Christians

MADY CHRISTIANS d1951. Austrian actress and naturalized US citizen who had a successful acting career in theatre and film in the United States until she was blacklisted during the McCarthy period. Her final roles were in the 1948 films ; "All My Sons" and "Letter From an Unknown Woman". During WW2 she was involved in political work on behalf of refugees, rights for workers and Russian War relief, political efforts that would bring her to the attention of the FBI and other anti-communist institutions and organizations. Later in 1950, the FBI's internal security division began investigating her (she had been identified as a "concealed communist" by a confidential informant). When her' name appeared in Red Channels (the so-called bible of the broadcast blacklist) her career was effectively over. She died of a stroke aged just 59 on October 28th 1951.


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