Mae West

Mae West

MAE WEST d1980. American actress, comedienne and sex symbol of the 1930-40s. She was known for her controversial bawdy double-entendres which often got her into trouble with the censorship boards of the period. In 1935, she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Her most notable film roles include ; "She Done Him Wrong" and "Im No Angel" (both alongside Cary Grant in 1933) and later "Klondike Annie" (1936) and "My Little Chickadee" (1940). In August 1980, she tripped while getting out of bed. After the fall, she was unable to speak and was taken to hospital in Los Angeles where tests revealed that she had suffered a stroke. She remained in the hospital (where seven days later) she had a diabetic reaction to the formula in her feeding tube. On September 18th, she suffered a second stroke which left her right side paralyzed and developed pneumonia. By November, her condition improved, but the prognosis was poor and she was sent home. She died there on November 22nd 1980 aged 87.

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Mae West

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An original vintage 1948 autograph book page, clearly signed in pencil by Mae West

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