Marc Bolan T Rex

Marc Bolan T Rex

MARC BOLAN (T REX) d1977. English pop singer / composer known as "The King Of Glam Rock" ; one of the most influential and recognisable pop stars of his generation. T Rex began as a two piece group with Marc Bolan and percussionist Steve Peregrin Took, the duo originally experimenting with eccentric mythical folk music. Influenced and helped by DJ John Peel, they enjoyed modest success during 1968 on radio and record releasing three LPs and a single "Deborah" which reached No34 in the charts. In October 1969 due to songwriting rifts, Bolan sacked Took and replaced him with Mickey Finn (percussion), later adding band members ; Bill Legend (drums) / Steve Currie (bass) and thereby creating the classic lineup of T Rex. During the early 1970s, the group enjoyed massive commercial success, scoring Ten Top 5 hits (including four No1s) ; Hot Love / Get it On / Telegram Sam and Metal Guru.  Marc Bolan was tragically killed (aged just 29) in a freak car accident in his own Mini Cooper whilst being driven by his then girlfriend singer Gloria Jones on 16th September 1977. Bass player Steve Currie was killed in a car accident in Portugal aged just 33 in 1981. Percussionist Mickey Finn died of liver disease aged 55 in 2003. 

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An original vintage 1970s autograph book page, clearly signed in black fibre pen by Marc Bolan

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