Mari Wilson & The Wilsations

Mari Wilson & The Wilsations

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A large original 1982 "Baby Its True" promo-poster, clearly signed in ballpoints by Mari Wilson and band-members we believe ; Jim Ryan / Harry Moran / Cary Stanalt / Wilbur G Force / Barry / Hank B Hive Gary Stix / Kurt Lamour / The Rock and Candice (Michelle Collins). Some dedicating to Jonathan


Collectors notation Brighton 1982. One of an absolutely outstanding mostly in-person autograph collection of over 500 items obtained by JD in Brighton & London during the late 1970's to 1990s. The majority being pop music acts of the period, along with actors and entertainers. The autographs are on records / fanzine magazine photographs and autograph book pages. Many are dedicated along with messages to the collector (Jonathan) and include dates & venues where they were obtained. There is a copy of a letter from him included (if required) that details his almost obsessive collecting exploits and memories of the time. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


34x25in Size Poster


Average. View Images. No rears. It has been folded and has creases, but would frame. Signatures are all good and clear. Overall we would rate condition as 6/10


About Mari Wilson & The Wilsations

Mari Wilson & The Wilsations

MARI WILSON & THE WILSATIONS. English singer and group best known for her beehive hairstyle and their 1982 UK No8 single "Just What I Always Wanted"


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