Maurice Fogel

Maurice Fogel

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An original vintage circa 1950s autograph book page, clearly signed in ink by Maurice Fogel


From the vintage autograph book of Anne Brooks of Cheshire containing many notables of the 1950s decade. The majority collected at various Manchester area theatres and including dedications to her. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA 


20x11cm Sized Page


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About Maurice Fogel

Maurice Fogel

MAURICE FOGEL d1981. British magician and mentalist who described himself as "the world's greatest mind-reader". In 1948, on BBC radio he made the claim that he could read peoples minds. This intrigued the journalist Arthur Helliwell who wanted to discover his methods. He found that Fogel's mind reading acts were all based on trickery and he relied on information about members of his audience before the show started. Helliwell then exposed Fogel's methods in a newspaper article. Although Fogel managed to fool some people into believing he could perform genuine telepathy, the majority of his audience knew he was a just a showman. He also became well known for performing the famous bullet catch where six rifles were used in the routine ; five with genuine bullets and one with no bullet.


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