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Mike Nesmith

MIKE NESMITH & FIRST NATIONAL BAND. American collaborative band, led by former Monkee Mike Nesmith. During their two active years (1970-71), The First National Band released three albums of country rock. During his stint with The Monkees, Nesmith had accumulated an extensive back-catalogue of songs which had not been heard by anyone. This meant that, in their short time as a band, The First National Band was able to release three albums in less than a 12-month span. July 1970 saw the release of Magnetic South which was the first and "blue" in the trilogy of "red, white and blue" albums and reached No143 on the Billboard Albums Chart. This album contained the inclusion of five songs which hailed from Nesmith's Monkees days. It also contained the song "Joanne" which due to a lot of radio play, surprised the band by reaching No21 on the Billboard Singles Chart. However, despite this chart success, the single did not gain the band commercial success because the band were in Britain (on a tour of working-man's clubs)which lasted until Joanne had dropped out of the American charts and sunk without a trace.


Mike Nesmith

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A rare original 1970 RCA promotional photocard, signed in ballpoints by three of the group members ; Mike Nesmith / John Ware (drums) and John London d2000 (bass).



Collector recalls obtaining this in the Summer of 1970 when the group played the Cavendish Club Sheffield. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.


25x19cm Sized Photocard


Generally Poor. We would rate as 4/10. Some creases and part fading on two signatures, but they are clearly readable.


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