Monty Python

Monty Python

MONTY PYTHON. British comedy group that created the hugely influential sketch show "Monty Pythons Flying Circus" which first aired on the BBC in October 1969. Forty-five episodes were made over four series and then later several major feature length films including ; The Holy Grail 1975 / Life Of Brian 1979 and The Meaning Of Life 1983. The Python phenomenon developed from the television series into something larger in scope and impact, spawning touring stage shows, numerous albums, several books , a stage musical as well as launching the members to individual stardom. The group's influence on comedy has been compared to The Beatles influence on music. The television series, broadcast by the BBC from 1969 to 1974, was conceived, written and performed by Graham Chapman / John Cleese / Terry Gilliam / Eric Idle / Terry Jones and Michael Palin. Loosely structured as a sketch show but with an innovative stream of conciousness approach (aided by Gilliam's animation), it pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in style and content. A self-contained comedy team responsible for both writing and performing their work, they changed the way performers entertain audiences. The Pythons' creative control allowed them to experiment with form and content, discarding rules of television comedy ; their influence is still apparent all over today. Graham Chapman suffered from alcoholism during his time at Cambridge and the early Python years, quitting shortly before working on The Life of Brian. He died aged just 48 of tonsil and spinal cancer on 4th October 1989 (on the eve of Monty Python's 20th anniversary). His life and legacy were commemorated at a private memorial service at St Bartholomew's with the other Pythons. In a 2005 UK poll to find The Comedian's Comedian ; three of the six Pythons members were voted by fellow comedians and comedy insiders to be among the Top 50 greatest comedians ever (Cleese at No2 / Idle at No21 and Palin at No30).

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Monty Python Autographs

Reference Number. 12845BB


An original vintage 1975 diary page, clearly signed in green inks by five members ; John Cleese / Terry Jones d2020 / Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin PLUS a bookpage signed by Eric Idle 

SORRY Graham Chapman is missing from this set. The display mount has a blank window aperture to use if one can be found at a later date

Double mounted for fine display with photographs

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