Passionate Friends

Passionate Friends

PASSIONATE FRIENDS. British 1949 film directed by David Lean. Ann Todd (played Mary) and Trevor Howard (Steven). ANN TODD d1993. English actress and producer nicknamed "the pocket Garbo" for her diminutive blond beauty, best known for 1940s films including ; "Perfect Strangers" (1945) / "The Seventh Veil" (1945) and Hitchcocks "The Paradine Case" (1947). She married director David Lean and appeared in his films ; "Passionate Friends" (1949) / "Madeleine" (1950) and "The Sound Barrier" (1952). She died following a stroke aged 84 in 1993. TREVOR HOWARD d1988. English film actor of the 1940-1970s, probably best known for playing Dr Alec Harvey in the classic "Brief Encounter". Other major film credits include ; Passionate Friends (1949) / The Third Man (1949) / The Heart Of The Matter (1953) / The Key (1958) / Sons And Lovers (1960) / Mutiny On The Bounty (1962) / Von Ryans Express (1965) / Battle Of Britain (1969) and Ryans Daughter (1970). He died of bronchitis aged 74 in 1988.

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Passionate Friends

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Two original autograph book pages, clearly signed in ink by both Ann Todd d1993 and Trevor Howard d1988

Double mounted for fine display with photograph from "Passionate Friends" (1949)


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