Patric Doonan

Patric Doonan

PATRIC DOONAN d1958. British stage and screen actor. He featured in films including ; The Blue Lamp / The Cockleshell Heroes and Train of Events, but rarely played the leads. An exception was Wheel of Fate (1953) in which he did have the leading role and top billing. 1953 was probably his peak year in films, as in that same year he also had good supporting roles in The Net (1953) and The Red Beret (1953). He committed suicide by gas in 1958 at his home in Margaretta Terrace Chelsea. At the time he was engaged to marry actress Ann Firbank, despite the fact that he was already married to actress Aud Johansen

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Patrik Doonan

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An original vintage 1950s autograph book page, clearly signed and dedicated (To Michael) in ink by Patrik Doonan

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