Pink Floyd (1967 With Syd Barrett)

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Pink Floyd (1967 With Syd Barrett)

Pink Floyd autographs. Internationally acclaimed English rock band who have evolved since the mid 1960s into one of rock musics most succesful and iconic acts ; selling over 300 million albums. Noted for their innovation in all areas of pop music and their extraordinary live shows. The lineup of the group Roger Waters / Richard Wright d2008 / Nick Mason and David Gilmour has remained unchanged since January 1968 when Gilmour replaced founding member Syd Barrett. Sadly serious rifts between the group members since 1985 has robbed the public of new material ; however hopes remain high of one day a possible reconciliation after they reformed for a one off gig at Live8 in July 2005. The influence of founding member Syd Barrett can never be underestimated ; his innovation and songwriting genius brought the group to prominence in the 1960s. However his fragile character was unable to deal with the pressures of fame and he sought refuge in his prolific use of drugs. His well documented erratic behaviour and subsequent mental breakdown led to him leaving the group in 1968 and in choosing to live the remainder of his life in seclusion until his death in 2006. Very sadly fellow founding member Richard Wright also recently passed away in September 2008 aged 65 after a short battle with cancer.


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