RAINBOW. British rock band first formed by guitar genius Ritchie Blackmore in 1975. They are best known for a succesion of Top 10 LPs (between 1975-1984) including ; "Rising" (1976) / "Long Live Rock N Roll" (1978) / "Down To Earth" (1979) / "Difficult To Cure" (1981) / "Straight Between The Eyes" (1982) and "Bent Out Of Shape" (1983). They also scored hit singles between 1979-1981 with "Since Youve Been Gone" / "All Night Long" and "I Surrender". There have been many lineup changes over the years, but the 1980s lineup remains the most commercially successful ....

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Rainbow Ticket

Reference Number. RTKT1


An original Rainbow concert ticket for Wembley Arena on Friday February 29th 1980

Upper Tier South Seat H81  Price £4.50

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