Roxy Music

Roxy Music

ROXY MUSIC. English Art-Rock band first formed in 1971 by Bryan Ferry who became the group's lead vocalist and chief songwriter. The group attained popular and critical success in Europe and Australia during the 1970-1980s, beginning with their debut album, Roxy Music (1972). There followed  a string of classic UK hit singles including ; Virginia Plain / Jealous Guy / Love is the Drug and Amazon. The band became highly influential as leading proponents of the more experimental musically sophisticated element of glam-rock, as well as a significant influence on early English punk music. They also provided a model for many New Wave acts and the experimental electronic groups of the early 1980s. The group is distinguished by their visual and musical sophistication and their preoccupation with style and glamour. Although the band took a break from group activities in 1976 and again in 1983, they reunited for a concert tour in 2001 and have toured together intermittently since that time. Bryan Ferry and co-founding member Brian Eno have also had influential solo careers, the latter becoming one of the most significant record producers and collaborators of the late 20th century.

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Roxy Music

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An original Roxy Music concert ticket for the Playhouse Theatre Edinburgh on Friday October 1st 1982

(Balcony Seat Q3 Price £7.50)

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