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Seven Waves Away (Tyrone Power)

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An amazing collection of ten individual consecutive original vintage 1956 autograph book pages, clearly signed and dedicated (To Meurig) in ink by 19 main cast members ; Tyrone Power d1958 (Alec Holmes) / Mai Zetterling d1994 (Nurse White) / Lloyd Nolan d1985 (Frank Kelly) / Stephen Boyd d1977 (Will McKinley) / Moira Lister d2007 (Edith Middleton) / James Hayter d1983 (Cookie Morrow) / Marie Lohr d1975 (Dorothy Knudson) / John Stratton d1991 (Jimmy Clary) / Noel Willman d1998 (Aubrey Clark) / Gordon Jackson d1990 (John Merritt) / Ralph Michael d1994 (George Kilgore) / Orlando Martins d1985 (Sam Holly) / Danny Green d1973 (Joe Woolsek) / Clive Morton d1975 (Maj Barrington) / Jill Melford d2018 (Mrs Kilgore) / John Gray (Digger Smith) / Austin Trevor d1978 (Edward Wilton) / Derek Sydney d2000 (Mario) and Colin Broadley (Mickey Stokes) 


From the late 1950s autograph book of child actor Meurig W Jones containing many notables of the period. Including the cast of The Power and The Glory (which he appeared in) at The Phoenix Theatre 1956 and the cast of Seven Waves Away (1957). Many of the autographs are dedicated to him with annotations. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


17x11cm Sized Page


Good. View Images. Some of the signatures are signed on back to back pages from the autograph book


About Seven Waves Away

Seven Waves Away

SEVEN WAVES AWAY (ABANDON SHIP !). 1957 British drama film. When his ship goes down, an officer has to make an agonizing decision on his overcrowded lifeboat. Richard Sale adapted the film from his 1938 short story of the same name. The plot has similarities to the real-life sinking of the American ship William Brown in 1841. The ship hit an iceberg 250 miles off Newfoundland and lost 31 of its 65 passengers. Two boats with 17 crewmen and the remaining passengers escaped the wreck, but more than a dozen passengers were sacrificed from the crowded longboat


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