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Sid Vicious

SID VICIOUS d1979. Controversial English punk rock icon and bassist with the highly influential group The Sex Pistols. Described once by Malcolm McLaren ; "If Rotten is the voice of punk , Vicious is the attitude". He joined the group after Glen Matlocks departure in February 1977 due to his charismatic image rather than his musicianship. In November 1977 he met the American groupie Nancy Spungen ; their violent relationship and joint heroin addiction had a disastrous affect on Vicious and the group ,  contributing to their splitting during their illfated 1978 US Tour. Spungen then acted as his manager during a brief solo career. On 12th October 1978 Spungen was found stabbed to death in their room at The Chelsea Hotel in New York ; Sid was arrested , charged with her murder and later bailed by the record company for $50,000. On 22nd October he attempted suicide by cutting his wrists. On December 9th he was arrested and sent to jail for 55 days before being bailed out on 1st February 1979. After celebrating his release that evening he was found dead aged just 21 the following morning of a possibly suicidal heroin overdose ,  In a later death bed confession his mother Anne Ritchie supposedly admitted to injecting him with heroin herself to safe him from a life behind bars. However many various conspiracy theories exist and still remain to this day concerning the mysterious deaths of both Sid and Nancy.


Sid Vicious

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A page from Punk Magazine (Issue 11 Volume One October / Nov 1977), clearly signed in bold black marker "NMTB Sid Vicious XXX".



Punk Magazine Issue 11 Volume One dates from Oct / Nov 1977. The magazine began in New York and was famously run by John Holmstrom and Legs McNeil. This particular magazine was signed inside on three separate pages which we have split to sell individually (see Codes 4164 and 4166). All the autographs with doodles in this magazine were obtained in the Spring of 1978 during The Sex Pistols US Tour. The item actually comes from the personal collection of world renowned punk author / film maker and Sids biographer Alan G Parker. Included is a detailed original letter of guarantee / history, along with a bonus "Who Killed Nancy" film poster flyer both signed by him to support our authenticity and certification. UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


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