Susan Shaw & Bonar Colleano

Susan Shaw & Bonar Colleano

SUSAN SHAW d1978 and BONAR COLLEANO d1958. English actress signed on contract in 1946 to Rank Film Studios. Her early career showed promise and her popularity was established in such films as the Huggetts Trilogy with Jack Warner. Shaw married the actor Bonar Colleano with whom she had featured in the film Pool Of London (1951). In 1958 Colleano was killed in a traffic accident aged just 34, when he crashed his sports car (a Jaguar XK140) in Birkenhead, shortly after exiting the Queensway Tunnel whilst driving back from Liverpool's New Shakespeare Theatre, where he had been appearing in a stage production of Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter. Following his death, she began to drink heavily, became unable to care for her son due to her alcoholism and gave him to her grandmother to raise. She resumed her career, but was unable to sustain it and made her final acting appearance in 1963. She died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1978 aged just 49.

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Susan Shaw & Bonar Colleano

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An original pair of vintage 1950s autograph book pages, clearly signed and dedicated (To Michael) in ink by both Susan Shaw and Bonar Colleano 

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