THE SWEET. Hugely successful British glam-rock group of the 1970s. They formed in 1968 and had their first hit "Funny Funny" in 1971. After teaming up with the songwriting partnership of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman they went onto score a remarkable eighteen UK Top 20 hit singles before splitting in 1981, including classics ; Blockbuster / Ballroom Blitz / Hellraiser / Teenage Rampage / Fox on The Run / Coco / Wig Wam Bam and Love Is Like Oxygene. Lead singer Brian Connolly left the group acrimoniously in February 1979. In later years there were several attempted reunions, but these only resulted in the original members individually fronting their own fragmented touring reincarnations of the band into the late 1990s. Brian Connolly battled with poor health throughout his life, mainly attributed to his chronic alcoholism. He died aged just 51 in 1997. Drummer Mick Tucker died aged 54 in February 2002. Bassist Steve Priest died aged 72 on June 4th 2020

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Brian Connolly & Mick Tucker Autographs

Reference Number. 14355C


A rare pair of original vintage 1975 autograph book pages, clearly signed and dedicated (To Leigh) in ballpoints by both Brian Connolly d1997 (vocals) and Mick Tucker d2002 (drums)

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