THE YARDBIRDS. Pioneering and influential British R&B group famous for initiating the careers of three of rock musics greatest guitarists ; Eric Clapton (left March 1965) / Jeff Beck (Left June 1966) and Jimmy Page who replaced Paul Samwell Smith in 1966. The Yardbirds were leaders in the use of innovation to release the full potential of sound from the electric guitar. From late October 1966, the band became a quartet with Jimmy Page as the sole lead guitarist, (he subsequently introduced playing the instrument with a cello bow) and the use of a wah-wah pedal in addition to his fuzzbox. Their commercial fortunes were declining ; "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" only reached No30 on the US chart and fared even worse in Britain. The group spent most of 1967 touring in the USA with new manager Peter Grant with their live shows becoming heavier and more experimental. By 1968, the psychedelic blues-rock of Cream and Jimi Hendrix had become enormously popular. However Keith Relf and Jim McCarty still wished to pursue a style influenced by folk and classical music, whilst Jimmy Page wanted to continue with the kind of heavy music for which Led Zeppelin would soon become iconic. The group's final single "Goodnight Sweet Josephine" was recorded in January and released two months later, while its B-side ; "Think About It", featured a proto-Zeppelin riff and snippets of the "Dazed" guitar solo. On 7th July 1968, the group played their final gig at the College of Technology in Luton and Jimmy Page went onto form the legendary Led Zeppelin. Keith Relf  died in 1976 (aged just 33) in an accident at home caused by electrocution. Jeff Beck died aged 78 on January 10th 2023

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Yardbirds 1965 Autographs

Reference Number. 14406B


An original 1965 newsprint magazine picture, signed in various ballpoints by all five Yardbirds group members of this period ; Jim McCarty (drums) / Chris Dreja (guitar) / Paul Samwell Smith (bass) / Keith Relf d1976 (vocals) and Jeff Beck (guitar-1965-66)

WITH original concert ticket for the ABC Plymouth on Saturday December 4th (2nd Performance. Front Stalls  Seat D27. Price 12/6)

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Yardbirds (Eric Clapton) 1964 Signatures

Reference Number. 14369


A wonderful original Yardbirds paper entrance concert ticket for the Town Hall Ballroom Abergavenny on Saturday August 29th 1964, signed on the reverse side in ballpoints by ; Eric Clapton (guitar-1963-65) / Jim McCarty (drums) / Chris Dreja (guitar) / Paul Samwell Smith (bass) and Mick O'Neill (vocals)

PLUS an original 1965 autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoint by Keith Relf d1976 (vocals) to make up a set

MICK O'NEILL filled in as guest vocalist for the Yardbirds on the occasions when Keith Relf was ill during the second half of 1964

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Yardbirds (Jeff Beck) 1965 Autographs

Reference Number. 14362C


An original vintage 1965 Bedford Hotel Admission cardstock ticket, clearly signed on the reverse in ballpoints by three group members ; Jeff Beck d2023 / Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja

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Reference Number. 14200FFF


A rare original vintage 1964 autograph book page, clearly signed in red ballpoints by three group members ; Jim McCarty / Chris Dreja and Mick O'Neill


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Reference Number. 14209C


An original vintage circa 1965 autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoints by all five group members ; Jeff Beck d2023 / Jim McCarty / Paul Samwell Smith / Keith Relf d1976 and Chris Dreja 

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