ZZ Top

ZZ Top

ZZ TOP. American bluegrass band formed in 1969 in Houston Texas. Since the release of the band's debut album in January 1971, ZZ Top has become known for its strong blues roots and humorous lyrical motifs, relying heavily on double entendres and innuendo. Their musical style has changed over the years, beginning with blues-inspired rock on their early albums, then incorporating New Wave / Punk and Dance with heavy use of synthesizers. They were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. As a group, they have achieved 11 gold records and 7 platinum (13 multi-platinum) records. Their Eliminator (1983) album remains their most commercially successful record, selling over 10 million units. ZZ Top also ranks 80th in US album sales selling over 25 million units

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ZZ Top Pass

Reference Number. ZZPASS1A


An original vintage 1990 ZZ Top "Recycler Tour" Working Personnel Catering cloth-type pass for the Forum Montreal on October 13th 1990

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