Enrico Caruso

SORRY we do not offer a free detailed full authentication service.



The majority of authenticity issues and questions are usually answered with two considerations:


"Where was it bought from and how much did it cost" and “What are the credentials of the seller” ?


Questions on Certificates (COAs) are specifically answered here in our Advice section.


Authentication is really an opinion and anybody can give one.


HOWEVER there are only a handful of authenticators around the world "whose opinions" can prove decisive and who have earned the respect of the whole of the autograph community. They are rightfully able to charge properly for their research and in providing any sort of expert opinion. As in any profession there are experts in certain individual fields (Pop Music / Entertainment / Vintage / Royalty / Sport Etc) so it is important that the correct person is found for the subject matter in question. 


BEWARE also of the so called online Authenticators that have popped up all over the internet in recent years, many of them based in the US. Many are bogus, have no love or experience with autographs and simply see writing out a certificate (often without any company details on) as a way of making some very easy money. They are often responsible for supposedly “authenticating” some of the worst forgeries you will ever see on the market.