Politics / Royalty

Politics / Royalty

In 2002 BBC TV commissioned a poll to find out who the British public voted the 50 Greatest Britains ever. The resulting list made interesting reading and finished in this order ; Winston Churchill / Isambard Kingdom Brunel / Diana Princess of Wales / Charles Darwin / William Shakespeare / Sir Isaac Newton / Elizabeth I / John Lennon / Horatio Nelson / Oliver Cromwell / Sir Ernest Shackleton / Captain James Cook / Robert Baden Powell / Alfred The Great / Duke of Wellington / Margaret Thatcher / Michael Crawford / Queen Victoria / Paul McCartney / Alexander Fleming / Alan Turing / Michael Faraday / Owain Glyndwr / Elizabeth II / Stephen Hawkins / William Tyndale / Emmeline Pankhurst / William Wilberforce / David Bowie / Guy Fawkes / Leonard Cheshire / Eric Morecambe / David Beckham / Thomas Paine / Boudica / Steve Redgrave / Thomas More / William Blake / John Harrin / Henry VIII / Charles Dickens / Frank Whittle / John Peel / John Logie Baird / Aneurin Bevan / Boy George / Douglas Bader / William Wallace / Sir Francis Drake and John Wesley

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Abd al-Naif

Abubakar Balewa

Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr

Ahmed Sekou Toure

Albert Margai

Albert-Bernard Bongo

Alec Douglas-Home

Alexander Bustamante

Andrew Bonar Law

Aneurin Nye Bevan

Anthony Eden

Antoine Pinay

Austen Chamberlain

Ayub Khan

Berndt Fieandt

Cheddi Jagan

Cheng Heng

Chiang Kai-Shek

Chuter Ede

Clement Attlee

Dag Hammarskjold

Daniel Becerra De La Flor

David Ben-Gurion

David Lloyd George

Dean Acheson

Desmond Tutu

Diana Princess of Wales

Donald Sangster

Eamon De Valera

Edward & Wallis Windsor

Edward Heath

Eleanor Roosevelt

Elizabeth R

Elizabeth R & Prince Philip

Elizabeth R And Prince Philip

Eric Williams

Ernest Bevin

Erskine Childers

F.W. de Klerk

Ferdinand Marcos

Francois Tombalbaye

Freddie Mutesa

General Suharto

Georges Pompidou

Georgy Malenkov

Gerald Ford

Golda Meir

Haile Selassie

Harold Macmillan

Harold Wilson

Harry S Truman

Hastings Banda

Hendrik Verwoerd

Henry Kissinger

Henry Tucker

Hugh Gaitskell

Hussein of Jordan

Indira Gandhi

Iskander Mirza

Ismet Inonu

Jawaharlal Nehru

Jens Otto Krag

Jim Callaghan

Jo Cals

John Diefenbaker

Jomo Kenyatta

Jose Pinheiro De Azevedo

Josip Broz Tito

Julius Nyerere

Kim Jong Pil

Lal Shastri

Learie Constantine

Lech Walesa

Leopold III

Louis St Laurent


Margaret Thatcher

Marie of Romania

Mary of Teck

Michael Manley

Moise Tshombe

Moshe Dayan

Muammar Gaddafi

Nguyen Cao Ky

Nicolae Ceausescu

Olof Palme

Oswald Mosley

Panayotis Kanellopoulos

Park Chung-Hee

Paul Reynaud

Philip Noel Baker

Philip Noel-Baker

Queen Elizabeth

Rab Butler

Ralph Bunche

Ramsay Macdonald

Rashidi Kawawa

Robert Mugabe

Ronald Reagan

Samuel Hoare

Sean Lemass

Seewoosagur Ramgoolam

Siaka Stevens

Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Son Sann

Souvanna Phouma

Stanley Baldwin

Sybil Hathaway

Tage Erlander

Tanzan Ishibashi

Theodor Heuss

Tony Benn

V V Giri

William Tolbert

Winston Field

Zakir Husain

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

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