Bay City Rollers Concert Tickets

Bay City Rollers Concert Tickets

BAY CITY ROLLERS. Scottish tartan-clad teenybop group who created "Rollermania" hysteria in rising to worldwide fame with a string of hits during the 1970s. Their first single "Keep on Dancing" (1971) reached No9 in the charts produced by Jonathon King. It was two years later in 1973 before the classic lineup of the group (Les / Alan / Derek / Woody and Eric) were to repeat this success with hits Remember and Shangalang. 1975 was "their year" with the classic "Bye Bye Baby" No1 for six weeks in the spring (selling over 1 million copies) and the follow up "Give A Little Love" also reaching No1 during the summer. They also scored a rare US No1 hit for a British group in 1976 with "Saturday Night". Between 1973-1978 they sold over 100 million records, including eleven UK Top10 singles. The strain of success started to take its toll on various group members by 1976 with founding member Alan Longmuir leaving and being replaced by a 17 year old Ian Mitchell. The group slowly and controversially imploded, finally splitting in 1978 when both Les and Eric left supposedly to pursue solo careers. During the following decades, there were various court cases concerning unpaid royalties thought to be worth in excess of 30 million pounds. The original members as of 2007 finally agreed to try to resolve these and fight together in an attempt to recover "the lost Rollers millions". The group's bass player and founding member Alan Longmuir died after a short illness at the age of 70 on July 2nd 2018. Ian Mitchell died of throat cancer aged 62 on September 1st 2020. Singer Les McKeown sadly died aged 65 on April 20th 2021

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Bay City Rollers 1974 Concert Ticket

Reference Number. BCRTK5


An original Bay City Rollers concert ticket for the Winter Gardens Blackpool on Wednesday July 24th 1974

Ticket No1580  Price £1.10

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Bay City Rollers 1975 Concert Ticket

Reference Number. BCRTK4


A rare original complete Bay City Rollers ticket for Victoria Hall Hanley on Thursday May 22nd 1975

Centre Balcony Seat 121  Price £1.75

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Bay City Rollers 1975 Concert Tickets

Reference Number. BCRTK2


An original June 1975 set of six Bay City Rollers Newcastle Concert stickers

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Bay City Rollers 1976 Concert Ticket

Reference Number. BCRTK3


A complete original Bay City Rollers concert ticket for the ODEON THEATRE EDINBURGH on Friday 10th September 1976

Rear Stalls Seat W41. Price £1.65 


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Bay City Rollers 1974 Concert Tickets

Reference Number. BCRTK1

Price on application

We have the following original 1970s concert ticket stubs priced as follows ;

1) ODEON LEWISHAM LONDON for Friday November 8th (Circle Seat F54 Price £1.40). Condition good (Rate 8/10) >> PRICE £25

2) ODEON HAMMERSMITH LONDON for Saturday 31st May 1974 (X26 Stalls Price not shown). Condition good (Rate 8/10) >> PRICE £25

3) CIVIC HALL WOLVERHAMPTON for Sunday November 17th 1974 (Q26 Stalls Price £1.00). Condition good (Rate 9/10) >> PRICE £25

4) KINGS HALL BELLE VUE for Saturday November 9th 1974 (F6 Stalls Price £1.50). Condition poor (Rate 4/10) >> PRICE £15

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