Billie Pierce

Billie Pierce

BILLIE PIERCE d1974. American jazz pianist and singer who performed and recorded with her husband De De Pierce. Her style has been described as a "potent mixture of barrelhouse / boogie-woogie and ragtime". After settling in New Orleans in 1930, she played in the bands of A J Piron / Alphonse Picou / Emile Barnes and George Lewis. She died in New Orleans aged 67 on September 29th 1974

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Billy Pierce

Reference Number. 14184M


An original VPS-3 "Preservation Hall Jazz Band" 12in LP sleeve, clearly signed on the rear cover in ink by ; Billie Pierce d1974 (piano) / De De Pierce d1973 (trumpet) / Allan Jaffe d1987 (tuba) / Josiah Cie Frazier d1985 (drums) / Jim Robinson d1976 (trombone) and Willie Humphrey d1994 (clarinet)

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