Chris Barber Band

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A good pair of consecutive original 1958 autograph book pages, clearly signed in various ballpoints by the Chris Barber Band of this period ; Chris Barber (trombone) / Monty Sunshine d2010 (clarinet) / Pat Halcox (trumpet) / Dick Smith (bass) / Ottilie Patterson d2011 (vocals) / Eddie Smith (banjo) / Graham Burridge (drums) and one unknown (Keith Lycheley ?).

Sold with a collectable original 1958 Colston Hall Tour Advertising Flyer and various promo-photos and cards as shown.

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Certification:Part of a wonderful 1950s scrapbook containing many jazz notables of the period collected by Diana P in the Bristol area. These autographs were obtained at the Bristol Colston Hall on Saturday 23rd August 1958 whilst Chris Barber's Jazz Band were on tour with Muddy Waters (the original flyer verifies this date and location). In January 1958, Harold Pendleton had brought over the legendary bluesman Muddy Waters from the USA to play with Chris Barber. Legend has it that this was the first time that a British audience had seen an electric guitar in a London club. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.
Size:16x13cm Sized Autograph Book Pages. 22x15cm Sized Flyer.
Condition:Good. View Image. Tour flyer is poor-average with a repair (we would rate as 5/10).

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